Vancouver Foosball

Monday April 3rd, 2017

Since World Cup is next week we've decided to do a team event tonight opposed to the standard Pro/Am DYP!

Format for the team event is four players per team, each match has five games (three doubles and two singles). Each player will play at least four games. Teams are selected by captains in a snake order. The top players in attendance will be named captains for this event. This is the last Monday before Jamie heads to World Cup! Come wish her luck :)

Events have been running late and there are a few things to note for tonight:
- We're getting rid of overtime until stated otherwise (no more win by two in the third game) - We're cutting off registration at 8:20 pm. If you aren't registered by then you won't be able to enter the event. - If you are running late you can do one of three things: Message Vancouver Foosball on Facebook, email or if you have the number for the tournament director you can text them and let them know you are on your way. We will be starting matches at 8:30 and if you are late you risk forfeiting a match. See you all tonight

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